Wednesday, June 9

Play! Play! Play!

Hooray! Eddie and I got to play today!
We went into the pasture, and did some small things, just to play, and get back in the swing of things. We did some nice sideways, good circles, and lots of mind things.
Guess what?! I also hopped on for a few seconds from the cavaletti! Which is really good, because it's only a couple of inches off of the ground! Yippee!! I'm getting closer to just swinging my leg up and over.
We went for a nice long, walk around the track and ended with some good itches up by the barn.
That's pretty much all that we did today, but it was a good, fun day and I'm glad that Eddie is feeling much better!

Oh, and he drank 7+ gallons of water today! YAY! Much better than what he's normally been drinking. He still should be drinking more, but it's getting there. And it helps that he's getting more salt now. :-)

What a wonderful day!

~Lea & Eddie~

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