Saturday, May 1


I meant to post this yesterday...

Eddie and I had an amazing, incredible session in the outdoor today!
We did our close range circles at liberty, and then guess what?! We started to do them at the canter!! It was amazing!! He picked it up so quickly, and he never left once.
We also did some sideways towards, straddle, jump the barrels, stick to me, pedestal play and lots of other really fun things. He was having a blast and so was I!

Now today, Mike is coming to trim the horses, and then I'll play with Eddie out in the pasture, or in the round pen, and take him for a walk. It shall be very fun! ;)

Have a wonderful day!

~Lea & Eddie~

Nehemiah 9:17
 But You are God,
      Ready to pardon,
      Gracious and merciful,
      Slow to anger,
      Abundant in kindness, 

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