Friday, May 21

Liberty in the Rain

Today Eddie and I played in the rain! ;) Well, in the mist actually... it wasn't a full rain... ;)
But it was still fun!
We went into the round pen (after grazing the long grass of course!) and we played online first. He is usually very weary of the west end because there are a bunch of trees and 'scary' bushes. So we played with thresholds there, and once he was confident, we went to liberty. We trotted around, played on the pedestal, played with a few circles, and some sideways towards. He did really great, considering it was drizzling, and the bugs were bad.
So we went inside, and my sister came out! Since she came out then, we all went for a walk around the track. Diesel, Scout, Allison, Eddie and I, all went for a nice lap in the track. We trotted a little bit, but mostly grazed and walked.
Twas great fun! ;)
And now it's drizzling again... So hopefully it will let up so they can get outside again!

~Lea & Eddie~

Job 39:19
Have you given the horse strength?
Have you clothed his neck with thunder?

Surely not, for only the LORD may do such things.

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