Friday, May 21

Playin with the Herd

May 20th.

Today Eddie and I played online in the pasture. We did lots of weave patterns on the 45 foot line, and then we did point to point to different things. We did the straight weave, and the circle weave. I think he thought those were fun, seeing as we've never done them in the pasture before.
Then Scout and I, haltered Diesel up, and I rode Scout and ponied Diesel alongside! We went into the outdoor, and out of the outdoor, and back to the bubble (place where the track is wider) and then I got off because Diesel didn't want to follow! ;) So we all went for a walk around the track instead.
It was a really fun play session with all the horses! I love it when I get to play with all of them, and I think they like it too. :)

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