Friday, May 14

Alot Can Happen in 4 Days

Yes it can! 
Eddie cut his back legs on a T-Post 3 days ago. So he had three days to recover, and with me sitting out in the round pen with him (to make sure he didn't run around) we had some quality time together! :) Lots and lots of undemanding time!! 10 whole hours in 4 days! :) but every minute was worth it, because Eddie's legs are much better now.
 The picture was taken two days ago, when we were putting a special kind of ointment and cream on it. Then we switched to Lavender Oil and it's healing up twice as fast!

Now today is the first day that he was able to go back out to the pasture. Yay! 
And I'll probably do some mild things with him today. Go for a walk, play with a few things in the pasture, and keep things somewhat slow. :) I'm so glad that we can play now, though.

Yesterday I also trimmed Diesel's feet. They are looking better and better! His medial (inside) quarters on his hinds were a little thin, but pressure is the stimulus for growth, so I just made the surface area of his quarters larger, and put a small mustang roll on it. So hopefully that will grow back soon! Also, it was interesting... His soles were really flaking off, so I took quite a bit of false sole out. Hooray that it is shedding on its own!! That's a really good thing!!! :)

Hope you all have a happy day! I know I shall, with our herd! <3

~Lea & Eddie~


Parelli said...

You love for your horses is obvious and contagious. Keep it natural.

Parelli Central - Pagosa Springs, CO

Lea and Eddie said...

Hey, thanks so very much!
I do love them, because they are my passion. I'm so blessed to have them in my life!

The Three Stooges (Lauren [14yrold human girl], Sonny [gelding], and Toby [gelding])] said...

Poor Eddie... Hope he gets better soon! My 3 year old just about killed himself slicing his neck open with our horse fencing!?! Horses are stinkers sometimes... I'm glad Diesel's hooves are better :).


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