Monday, May 10

May 9th.

Today Eddie and I had an amazing play session! It was just amazing!!

First we went out to the pasture and played with the long reins. He was super light, because I was being super light. I was really playing with our precision. We did some straight lines (trying to be near perfect straight lines) and point to point. He did really well and then we upped it to a trot!
We did some weave, jumping, and some sideways too! He was so light, and so willing! One of the best long rein sessions we've had!

Then we went to liberty! Liberty in the pasture, that is always fun!
We cantered around, jumped lots of things, played with the cavaletties and then galloped back home. It was so much fun, and he didn't really leave me at all! He had a choice to leave, but he didn't!

Now on to today....

~Lea & Eddie~

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