Tuesday, May 18

A New Kind of Liberty

Oh, my goodness! Today was so amazing!
Eddie and I went out to the outdoor to play at Liberty.
We just had an amazing session! I dropped my carrot stick a few times, just to see if we could play without it. And boy we COULD! We did some canter stick to me, trotting poles, jumping, draw at the canter, and trotting close range circles. :) It was so much fun!! And he was totally glued to me. Just completely glued to me! We did some fun things like biting game, and some pedestal play.
Oh, it was just so much fun! And he was having a blast because I couldn't 'make' him do anything.
What a great play session!

Then I brought Scout out and we played online for a little bit. Eddie was still in the outdoor, where we were, so we played with Eddie a little bit too. But we did some small things, then I got on and rode around for a while! We did some patterns, and then I asked him to listen to my body more. Which went really well! He became pretty focused on me, and was very willing!

It was such a great day!!!

~Lea & Eddie & Scout~

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Parelli said...

Sounds a perfect day. Thanks for sharing it with the blog... a nice read. Liberty play is so fun to watch.

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