Tuesday, April 27

Such a Beautiful Day!

Eddie and I had a wonderful day today!!!
We went for a walk through the orchard, and played with some things over there. We did some sidepasses, and we went under the grape arbor. He was really good and was totally confident in me. Yippeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So we went in the round pen next and did a really fun, new pattern! I set up 6 barrels in the round pen, for him to weave/circle around. He was super interested and did them at a trot, on the second try!!
Oh, I love you so much Eddie! You bring me so much joy!!

To end the day, I gave mom a lesson with Scout, and showed her a few things. Ah... It was exactly what I love doing. I love to teach!
Hope you all had a wonderful day!
~Lea & Eddie~

Luke 19:10
for the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.”

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