Monday, April 19

Lots and lots of fun!!

Oh, today Eddie, Scout and I had SO much fun outside!!
First, Scout and I played out in the pasture for 45 minutes. We did lots of little things and he was SO soft. His head was so low the entire time, which is big for him, and he was so interested in me. I don't think he really wanted to graze that much (which is big for him too.)
Then we went in the track and did some zone 4-5ish driving. We played with some transitions and again, he was very soft, willing and light.
Once we were done, I let him go graze, and I brought Eddie out, and let Diesel out too. All four of us went for a walk together in the track and we trotted around/walked a whole lap. It was really fun, and I think Eddie, Scout and Diesel all enjoyed it!
Eddie and I went back into the pasture and just had a blast! We played at liberty in there for a little bit and he was just amazing! We jumped lots of things, did lots of point to point and even some circling game. Woohoo! It was a ton of fun!!!
Then we went from no lines, to 2 lines! We did some zone 5 driving to lots of different points in the pasture. All the while, being focused on what direction we wanted to go, and what speed. He did so awesome with that, that we upped it to the trot! Then we did some clover leaf from zone 5 and ended with some trotting and jumping and straddling!
I had a blast, and I think the horses did too!
Hooray for pony play days!!

~Lea & Eddie~

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Hannah Willis said...

That is fantastic, Lea! sounds like lots of fun.

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