Sunday, April 18

Yesterday & Today

= FUN!
Yesterday Eddie and I played for 2 whole hours! We had a blast!!!
First we went to the round pen and played online in there for a while. He did really good! He wanted to graze a lot, but who would blame him? The grass was just so lush! So we played with lots of little things, and he did great!
Then we went for a walk around the orchard. It was so pretty! The pear trees are in bloom, and the apple trees are just starting to bloom. We grazed down there for a while, trotted around, and then went back into the track. We went for a lap in there, and by that time we had been playing for an hour and my sister came out to play with Scout!
So we all played together in the pasture. It was fun, and interesting for us all, because we did some things together. :)
Lastly, we played at liberty in the outdoor for a little bit. Eddie did amazing! He didn't leave me once, and was so engaged and happy to play! So we ended there, at exactly 2 hours! It was really fun, and pretty nice outside! :)

And today is Eddie's BIRTHDAY!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDDIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He turns 8 years old today! And on the 21st, is our 3 year anniversary! Yippee!!

Today was interesting... It was really nice out, and there was no wind. However, Eddie had a pretty spooky morning and that must have carried into this afternoon. We had a not-so-pleasant ride, which ended in playing around in the pasture from the ground. :-/ Oh well!
Here's something I said earlier:

"Lea Henze is finding that no matter what happens, I will always still love my Eddie! We may not be able to ride very much, but there is no doubt that our relationship is strong. You never leave at liberty, and are a true partner online. I love going for walks with you, Eddie, even at your side!"

And it's totally true! We had a great session at liberty after we were done in the pasture and ended on a great note!


~Lea & Eddie~

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