Sunday, April 11

April 10th.

Our play session yesterday was one step short of incredible! And today's was no exception.

My mom had turned all the horses out on the pasture, so it was a little tricky getting Eddie to come to me. But he followed me as soon as he figured out we were going to do something. We did some trotting stick to me and then we went to the canter. It was incredible!! We were just flying across the pasture!!! And I like to sprint, so I was running, and he was cantering after me. It was so, so, so much fun! And I'm even happier that I got most of it on video.
We did some sideways, straddling, jumping and some pedestal play.
Here's the video I made of our play session:

Now on to our play session today, the 11th! *whew* I'm finally caught up!!

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