Sunday, April 11

April 9th.

Eddie I had an one of the most AMAZING play times!
First we went online and did some liberty prep out in the pasture. We trotted over the cavaletties, went for a walk, and played with the pedestal.
We went to liberty next and had a ton of fun! We played the chasing game, pedestal play, circling game, sideways and lots of other stuff. He was so connected and wanted to do everything I asked him.
So, since things were going so great, I grabbed a 12 foot line, tied it into 2 reins and went for a ride out into the pasture. He did awesome! I had read a few things in Mark Rashid's book and I was playing with applying them. It went really well, and when he would have a few little problems, I just asked him to stop, and go along with him. Which made him not want to go where he wanted to go anyway. It was amazing! We were going to trot, but the wind was really bad, there were tractors everywhere, and he was a little weary of the wind. But it was really fun, and I can't wait to ride again!

So with that in mind... We had an awesome liberty session out in the pasture on the 10th!

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