Tuesday, April 13

Fun with Scout & Eddie ~ online and liberty

This afternoon I played with Eddie out in the pasture. First we went out to the track and and did a lap. He was really happy, and once I helped him figure out what I wanted, which was to 'go,' he went very happily! We jumped a barrel that had blown into the track, and went over that a few times. It was fun! Then we went in the pasture.
We did some cavaletties, cutting game, a few circles, pedestal play, and I set up a fun jump that was wide, and taller than normal. He jumped it without a problem! It was really fun!
Next we went to Liberty. I unhooked the lead line and we jumped the big jump, and just GALLOPED inside to the barn. It was so much fun! Eddie had such a funny look on his face, his ears were pinned, and he was getting ready to buck. It was so funny!!
I played with Scout next. We went in the pasture and played with a few things. We did some sidewaysing over poles, played with the log and grazed. Then we went for a walk on the track, and then we played at liberty in the outdoor.
He was really sleepy, so we didn't do much. We trotted around, over the poles, to the pedestal and... back to the pedestal. ;) Scout was so good though. He's such a good boy!

~Lea & Eddie & Scout~
Romans 3:23-24
for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus,

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Hannah Willis said...

Lea, That is Fantastic! I always love reading your post!

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