Thursday, March 4

Yesterday's Play Time!

Yesterday was a lot of fun!
I took Eddie out to the pasture and we played with a lot of different things. We did some amazing circling games! I asked him to back up a full circle and he did a half! I was so proud of him, we've only played with that 3 times and he's really getting it!
We also did some 45 foot line things, I asked him to go to a lot of different obstacles and do something with them. He stood on the pedestal and even stood on the pedestal with his back feet while I was a good 40 feet away. Then we jumped the log from 35+ feet away and played with some freestyle after that!
I brought him into the track, grabbed a barrel and laid on him a few times. We played with standing still while I got on, and off. Because last time I got on, he took off at a canter. :-/ lol! So I had him stand quietly and patiently while I hopped on him from the half barrel and back off the other side. Because I didn't want to use my 45 foot line to ride, I just used my savvy string. It really makes you be lighter and lighter! hehe, I was also listening to some music (I had Mary Ann Kennedy playing the whole time I played with Eddie) and it really helped me be slow and take my time. :)
Plus... I still can't get over that Mark Rashid book, I've learned so much from it, and it's already helped our riding and my confidence with riding!! WOOHOO!
Anyway, I mounted a few times and ended on a very sweet note. Eddie's face was priceless though... "We're done?! That's all you wanted to do?!"
So, next time I get on, we'll do a little more. :) Yippee!

I played with Scout next. He was a blast! He rolled, cantered around and had quite a bit of energy! He even STOOD on the log! I don't know how he did it, but sure enough he was REALLY high up there and just as relaxed as could be... Hmm... How interesting! I let him decide when he wanted to get off, because I didn't want him to fall off of it. What a silly guy!!

Dad and I put mats in Eddie's stall later that day and it looks awesome! So much easier to clean! We also took all the horses for a walk to let them graze and we wrapped up the day.

Now today, the horses get to be out on the track! It's the first time since Christmas! They love it and they love the movement they now have.
Hopefully I'll get to play with Eddie later and take Diesel for a walk!

~Lea & Eddie~

Proverbs 4:23

Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life.

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