Saturday, March 6

Fun, fun, fun out in the pasture!

 March 4th.
Today Eddie and I had a lot of fun out in the pasture! First we played with some weave because he was pretty sleepy. So that got him moving and thinking.
Once he was awake, we played with a barrel from a long way away. I asked him to sideways over it and push it over. He did and I was a REALLY long way away. What an amazing relationship you can grow with natural horsemanship!
After that we played with the log. I asked him to jump it and then straddle it. It was really funny... I had him sideways towards me while I stood on the log. hehe! Then once he came close enough to me and started to lean on me, I laid on him while he sidewaysed the rest of the way off of it! :D It was really fun!
I got on and rode for a little bit afterwards and he was super!

~Lea & Eddie~

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