Tuesday, March 2

Scout's Play Time - falling leaf, logs & friendly

Scout was great! But he was really jumpy, so we did a TON of friendly game and lots and lots of unexpected friendly games. Because sometimes he just doesn't know when you're being friendly and when you're driving him.
So after we did some friendly game, we both rolled, we went to the pedestal, stood on the pedestal and went to go play with some logs. He usually doesn't jump, but with these new ideas in mind from Mark Rashid's book, he jumped them so willingly!

There's a part in his book where he says, (something like this) "Some horses will feel the need to conserve energy, and not use it. Because when danger comes (i.e. a predator) they need to use that energy to run from it. He used an analogy that the old man taught him --- There were baby bunnies and another bunny out in the pasture. But the baby bunnies were frolicking about and playing all day. The older bunny wasn't playing, but eating. But when the coyote came, one bunny made it and the other didn't because they had used up all their energy.
So some horses feel the need to conserve energy (the LBI) because they don't know when the predator might be coming.

Anyway, short story long, Scout jumped the log because I had an idea of what I wanted instead of just dictating what I wanted him to do. I jumped it with him. So he felt like a partner. :)

We did some falling leaf after that and he was being so silly! He was trotting back and forth and ringing his head and being silly!
I love you Scout, you're so sweet and always so willing to try!

Lea & Eddie & Scout

Proverbs 2:10-11
When wisdom enters your heart,
And knowledge is pleasant to your soul,
Discretion will preserve you;
Understanding will keep you,

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