Monday, March 8

Playing in the Mud

Boy! Am I tired!
I just got back in from playing with Eddie and Scout. They were both great and they both had a lot of energy!
First I took Eddie out to the track and we went for a lap in the mud/ice. It was really nice, we stopped and took a few pictures, watched some squirrels, and Eddie ate some snow. It was a really nice way to relax with him and he relaxed too. We had a great time.
We went in the pasture after that and played with some weave, cavaletties, sideways and straddle.

Eddie's weave was really good, and he was really light and responsive.
With the cavaletties, Eddie was trotting and stretching and having a great time circling around me and doing the poles 2 at a time. ;)
We sidewaysed over the barrel, and pole and just gave him a few things to do to get his mind thinking. :)
And lastly we straddled a pole lengthwise. It took awhile to get, but once he got it, he got it!
Oh yeah! We also stood on the pedestal with 3 feet and he offered to stand on it with his back feet. Here's a picture!
We ended there and then I went to play with Scout!

Scout and I just ran around at liberty for a little bit. A few times he would canter off and do this really fast trot to come back to me. He was so silly! We did a little cutting game and some stick to me. Literally 'stick' to me... the mud was so sticky and my legs got so tired! :D
It was a really fun day, and to top it all off, Diesel rolled in the all the mud. He was filthy!!!!

Here are some more pics!


Lea & Eddie
Scout & Diesel

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