Wednesday, March 24

Fun, fun, Liberty!

Today was a lot of fun!
Mike came to trim the horses' feet this morning. Which they were wonderful! Very sleepy, and very willing.
Then this afternoon Eddie and I played in the outdoor at liberty! He did AWESOME! We trotted around, I had him chase me, he stood on the pedestal a lot, we did close circling game, lots of squeezes, he almost laid down and we just had a lot of fun!
I asked him to put his back feet on the pedestal. He did it really willingly and started to graze. So he looked very silly!
Then we did some close circling game and he did it at the trot, and at the walk without wanting to leave at all! So I think he really gets it! (We're REALLY close to filming our Level 3/4 Liberty Audition.) Very, very soon hopefully!!
Then I ran around he trotted after me a lot. I would change directions really fast and he did too. He was having a lot of fun!! He would rear, and buck and I was just sprinting everywhere. It was so fun!
After that we did some squeeze over a tall jump. It was a barrel, with a pole going from the top of it, to the electric fence. He just flew over it! It was so cool!
He really, really wanted to roll after that, so I tapped the ground and he almost did! But in the end, he decided to roll and I just gave him a carrot when he got up. He was so sweet! (And VERY dusty!!) ;)
We ran around some more after that and then we went back outside to the pasture.

I clipped on the 45 and we did some cavaletti time and some big, 40+ foot circles at the canter. He did great, I was really proud of him!
I hopped on for a little bit after that and ended on a good note there.
We had a blast! Eddie's liberty is really taking off in the Level 4 zones! It is great, great fun!

~Lea & Eddie~

"For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 6:23

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