Friday, March 19

A Fantastic Ride!

It is a wonderful, sunny, Friday!
This afternoon I took Eddie out to the outdoor and we started with some liberty. I had Allison tape us while we did some Level 3 Liberty Audition things. We can do everything, except circling close by at the walk and trot. Once we can do that easily, then I'll send it in. But there's absolutely no rush! Circling is hard for us both anyway, because it's really a one-sided game that goes totally contradictory to a 50/50 partnership.
Anyway, we'll be playing with that a little bit.
We also did some pedestal stuff, jumping, straddling things and lots more. I got it all on video, and I should have the video up tonight!

We went for a ride in the pasture next. Eddie did fantastic! We trotted around for the first time this year. Trotted a lot actually. And we weaved in and out of cavaletties, stood on the pedestal and played with how light we can get our back up.
It was awesome and I was so proud of him!
It was such a nice ride and I'm really learning to enjoy the things that are happening in the moment.

The last chapter in Mark Rashid's book is title, The Connection.
I may just have to type part of it up, because it's so true, and it states such a good point. It says that there is no 'there' in your horsemanship journey. It never ends, but there are never any, 'there's. If you know what I mean. When you say, "I can't wait to get there" There is always going to be something that you can't do, that you want to do. And instead of looking at the things your horse can't do, look at the thing he can do. And when he does the things he can't do, consider them gifts. You can't force a gift to come to you, all you can do is except it.

I just really, really liked that chapter. I think it really sums up the relationship between horses and humans.

Keep it natural,
Lea & Eddie

Proverbs 16:9
 A man’s heart plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps

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