Friday, March 26


It was so, so nice outside today! Yesterday it was super windy all day and it was cold, so I just groomed Eddie and made him really pretty. ;)
But today it was sunny and just a little chilly. So Eddie and I went in the round pen and we played at liberty in there for a little bit. I let him graze a lot, because all the yummy grass is coming up. But we did some squeeze game over logs, stick to me at the walk and trot, circling game, and some chase me game. He was pretty sleepy, so I didn't ask too much of him. I will definitely get some video of us playing at liberty. Because I think we can really send in our Level 3 liberty. But there's got to be a reason why we haven't done it yet. Maybe they will have an 'audition sale' or something. We'll film it when it's the right time.
After we played at liberty for a little bit, I hopped on, realized I didn't have a helmet and hopped back off. We went, got a helmet from the tack room, and went out to the pasture where Allison and Scout were. We rode for a nice long time! We did lots of point to point, weave, clover leaf and I let him graze for a while. He did awesome! He was so light, and I think the highlight of our ride was doing some sharp turns with just my seat! I didn't have a savvy string on, but I just used my seat and asked him to turn. He did it so willingly too!!
I was SO happy! So I hopped off and laid in the grass (Yes! We have grass now!) and let him graze some more.
I have really been listening to his preferences lately and the results are awesome! He wants to graze, so we graze, then do some things I want to do. And he does the things I want to do so willingly.
I think sometimes people get so caught up in what they can't do, that they loose sight of what they can do.
Put the relationship first!

~Lea & Eddie~

Proverbs 22:2
2 The rich and the poor have this in common,
      The LORD
is the maker of them all.

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