Wednesday, March 17

First Bath, Play Time, and Riding!

Today Eddie and I had a great play session!

First I gave him a 'bath' and scrubbed his socks so that he looked really pretty! :) He is a LOT cleaner now!
So we went out to the pasture and did some fun little things. We trotted over the cavaletties, jumped the barrels, stood on the pedestal and straddled the log. It was a real test of my savvy, because I didn't have a stick, just the 12 (now 8) foot line. And Eddie was doing some really amazing things with me! It was really, really fun! We also did some cutting game, falling leaf, and stick to me. He did great! I love you Eddie!

I hopped on him for a little bit when we were done playing. We did lots of point to point, and we were going to trot, but I didn't have a helmet with me. :( But it was a really nice ride! He was neck reining really nicely, because I just had one rein on.

And now for the good news!!

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