Wednesday, March 17


March 16th. 
Sorry that it's been a while since my last post!
I got a cold/fever/cough, but now I'm much better and I've been able to get outside with the horses more.
I played with Diesel and Eddie yesterday and they both did awesome! Eddie and I played at liberty in the outdoor and did lots of fun things out there! We did some squeeze game over the barrels, stood on the pedestal with 1,2,and 3 feet and did lots of yields with him standing on it. :) We also did some close range circling game and he had a lot of fun with that! A few times I had to turn with him, but he did about 2 laps at the walk with me in neutral.

I played with Diesel next! He was very, very LBI and quite a little bugger. But he is just so sweet and he does try to do what you ask of him. We did some weave that he did really well, stood on the pedestal, which he loved, and did some circling game, which he did not love! I just went with it. He is so funny!

On to today!

~Lea & Eddie~

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hi my name is gerlany, i adore your horse, is beauty.. you want to be my friend?

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