Saturday, February 20

Run Around Time

Yesterday we took all the horses out the track and the long piece we had sectioned off and just let them rip!
First it was Diesel and he just trotted around/cantered a little bit and didn't do much.
But then we let Eddie out and he was really having a good time. He was jumping and bucking and rearing and was generally having a good time. A few times he really dug in and just ran like crazy. It must have felt really good to be able to get all his energy out.
We let Scout loose next while Diesel and Eddie were on a line. Scout ran around quite a bit and really did some big 'pony express' runs. He even got to hyper, that he jumped over an upright barrel (which was out fence that we had put up to stop them from going to the ice.) So he jumped the barrels and just took off in the track. He eventually stopped in one of the corners that didn't have any ice, thank goodness. We got everyone settled down and went back inside.
They were so happy for the movement and exercise.
On to today!

~Lea & Eddie~

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