Monday, February 15

A mixture of everything!

Today was really fun. I got to play with all the ponies and every one with something different! It's funny, the weather was the same too, it was sunny and warm without any breeze, then cloudy and cold with a strong wind, then snowing with a little bit of a breeze and it went back and forth several times! What silly weather we have!

Anyway, I played with Eddie first because he was super duper playful. We trotting around everywhere out in the track and then Diesel started to run around. So that spooked Eddie quite a bit, so we played with some squeeze game with a barrel to get his mind involved. Once we did that, he was fine! So we played with some weave and then some trotting circles with the bullseye pattern. It was really fun and he did great once his mind was in the right place. :) We ended with some grooming and itches and went back up to the barn. He was super light though. Every time I asked him to do something, I was always working on my lightness. It really paid off and he was very engaged! Oh yeah! We played at liberty for a little bit after that too. Even though we haven't played with it for a while, he was great and it only took a few minutes to get him interested in me and wanting to do things together. At first he had a bit of a hard time drawing towards me, but I just waited for a connection and he came right over. We did some cutting game, close circling game and stick to me. It was very fun!

Then I played with Scout while it was sunny! We did some very light weave at the end of the 22 foot rope. He was very light, and VERY sleepy! So I took off the 22 foot rope and put on my 2 savvy string. We rode up and down the north line and watched my dad put up some fencing. He was so warm and SO fuzzy! Although he's starting to shed, so that should be fun..... There was hair everywhere!!! Scout was even really light when I rode. All I would have to do is look where I wanted to go, I didn't use my legs or my reins at all. It's really cool, ever since I watched the Level 4 Finesse DVD from the Level 4 pack, I've been SO aware of things that I do that influence the horses. Especially when riding. So it's gone one level deeper. Woohoo, another level of understanding!! :) Yay! Then Scout really wanted to roll. He was going to roll with me on him, but I thought that I'd better get off. So I dismounted and I rolled and then he rolled too. It was so sweet! He did it twice and he looked so itchy. So I gave him some itches to end with and we went back into the paddocks after that. It was a really nice, really sweet time with him. I really can't wait to start playing with him more this spring and summer. He reallys teaches you a lot, especially how light you can be!

Next was Diesel! My mom was playing with him and she wanted me to do the driving game with him so she could watch me. But we ended up getting some scratches instead and just chilling in the sun. He was falling asleep and so was my mom! It was so warm out and sunny out! In fact I had my coat off for Scout's and Diesel's play times.

So that concluded our busy day off and now it's is snowing and looks like it will be for quite a while!
Good night!
& Savvy on!
Lea & Eddie

Deuteronomy 4:9
Only take heed to yourself, and diligently keep yourself, lest you forget the things your eyes have seen, and lest they depart from your heart all the days of your life. And teach them to your children and your grandchildren,

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