Wednesday, February 17


Well for the past few days I've taken up the role of barn manager. My sister is in St. Louis with her college horticulture program and my has had to work these past few days. My dad has all these days off though, so it's just me and him and the horses!
Yesterday I played with Eddie and his bowing, playing out in the track and I groomed all the horses. :) Eddie did really, really good out on the track. He was a little spooky because it was windy, but after he got out some of his jumping around and some of his energy, he was as happy as could be!
He did some excellent circles and we played with our sideways some more. We also did some weave and he was really, very light with it!
When we played with our bowing, he did great too. Here's a video of it! He almost layed down a few times, and maybe today we'll be able to get it. It just keeps getting better and better!

I'm hoping to play with Scout, Diesel and Eddie today. So that should be fun! Diesel and I are going to play with our bowing too. By special request from mom. ;) I will upload more video later!


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