Sunday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!!
I hope you're having a wonderful Sunday around the people you love.
I know I am! Our family has been outside/inside and just enjoying the day together and looking forward to Giordano's pizza tonight with the figure skating on the Olympics.

This morning we were all outside for a very long time. I took a ton of pictures just form everywhere and Eddie was SO sleepy! I was asking him to lay down and he almost did it! He was so, so, so close to laying down. I bet in a few more tries we could get it - but I don't want to rush. It may take 2 more weeks, it may take 2 more days, it may even take 2 more years, but we'll be ready, when we're ready. It's all God's plan anyway!
So here are some pictures!
We came inside after playing around outside, and we ate lunch, my parents took naps, we watched some cross country skiing on tv and then we went back out.
I took Eddie for a lap before anyone else came outside. We played with lots of games in each of the track's corners. First it was the yoyo game and we played with transitions within gaits and he did really well. We went from a tiny trot to a huge extended trot and then back again. I really had to sprint through the snow to keep up! It was fun though. :)
our sideways was next! (scroll down)

He was so close to laying down in this picture! If he hadn't been so close to the fence, I think he would have. I love you so much Eddie!!

So yeah, sideways was next and we played with sideways from zone 1 at the walk and at the trot. He was excellent and he was really engaged. We only trotted for a few steps, but it was our first time doing it in a while.
We upped it even more and then did some trotting sideways towards and away. He was excellent both ways and both directions! Yippee!

After that we did some circling game. We were on the 45, so I kept it coiled up and just asked him to do a few circles at the trot. Yet again, he was excellent and offered more than a few circles.

We also started something new! Leading backwards by the tail and making turns. He picked it up in 2 tries and now he totally gets it. I think I may even be able to check it off! But we'll keep playing with it so we can be able to do it at liberty too when the time comes. :)

 Savvy on!
~Lea & Eddie~
Happy Valentine's Day!

1 Corinthians 13:13
And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

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