Saturday, February 13

Busy, busy days!

Yesterday we all went to Batavia, IL to get barn jeans. Yippeee! Three pairs that don't have any rips! ;)
When we got home, we took the horses out and we played with them. I got to ride Eddie for quite a while and we played with some backing up and just chilling in the sun. We went out to the track and played with some sideways everywhere. :) It was fun!
Then today, Mike came out to trim the horses and I did Eddie's front feet while Mike watched. It went really well, I wasn't quite sure of what to take off with the hoof knife, because I don't like taking much off. But I got his bars down and did most of his frog, then I let Mike do his sole. It went really well. I need some better equipment - a better hoof knife, rasp and a hoof stand, but those are things that I can acquire steadily.
So, after Mike left and he did his back feet while I watched, I took Eddie out and we played for an hour or so. His sideways is GREAT now. I grabbed the 45 because I needed something light, and we did some long distance sideways and some circling game. He did great. I love you Eddie, so much!
It was a really great couple days and we've gotten to play every day this week. Yippeee!!

Oh, plus I get to check something off in my "To Accomplish in 2010!"
Our sideways!!!!!!!!!! Yippeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some pictures!

~Lea & Eddie~

"There is a way, there is a spark, there is a hope that you can hold on to. There is a life line come to the rescue. Just like a hand that is waiting for you. And if you believe in this promise that you won't be alone, There is a way. There is a way. The Truth & the Light & the Way." -NewWorldSon, There is a way

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