Friday, February 26

A Fun Day in the Snow

Today, Allison and I had a great day outside with the horses!
We played with all the horses and I had Allison sit on Eddie while I played with him a little bit, because he was quite snarky when I tried to get on him. I played with Eddie with some more backwards circling game and it's just getting better and better! I love playing with him, there is always something to do and he never cease to amaze me! I love you Eddie!
I think I might also send in a video to Mr. David Lichman through his Hitching Post video coaching system. I'll just ride Eddie and do some things that we can do and things we can't do, and send it in and see what he says. We could use some help with our Freestyle.
But I'm super content with where we are and we're having fun, and that's all that matters!
Anyway, here are some pictures from today!!


LED Signs said...
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Nariel, Sonny, and Toby said...

No Fair! You have SNOW! Lucky duck! We have rain instead :P! lol! It looks like y'all are having a lot of fun!

~Lauren, Sonny, and Toby
RIP Cooper

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