Monday, March 1

It's March!

Happy first of March! Thing that are going on in this month...

~Spring is on the way
~Mr. Parelli's Birthday
~Diesel's Anniversary (1 year)
~Me and Eddie's 2 year 11 month anniversary

It should be a very fun month! February just seemed to fly by!!

Anyways, on to today...

Today I played with Eddie out in the pasture! He did super! We started with some stick to me, lots of transitions and having him feed off of my energy. Then we went to the logs and we squeezed over those a few times.
Things were going so well, and he was in such a good mood that we played with some freestyle leadership skills. In the Spring - no... wait, I'm not going to say he always .... --- Last Spring he went through some major LBE spurts and was really dominant, and trying to be the leader. So this Spring, to do some preparatory things, we're starting early with some leadership activities. I honestly don't want what happened last spring to happen again this spring. So we're starting early and I'm sure it will pay off.
I laid on him, and hopped on for a little bit. We licked the log and walked around it. But every time something would pop up that he would usually have opposition reflex with, I did something to break the habit. And it worked wonders! It's like I had a key that fit the lock just right. I had a savvy arrow for every thing he threw at me. And he was AWESOME! So gentlemanly and very polite!
Like I said, I think I found the key that fits his lock. And now I'm unlocking his brain! :)

We did some zone 5 driving after that and did some awesome circling game from zone 5. We did more point to point to different barrels and went back inside!
We grazed after that and played with a little wooden disk we found out by the trees. I had him step on it and it took awhile, but he finally got it!

Every day I'm going to keep this image in my mind:
It's Emily Thompson and her horses. She is truly the person I look up to. Starting Parelli at a young age and going to new height with her horses.

~Lea & Eddie~
Proverbs 1:7
The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge,
But fools despise wisdom and instruction.

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