Thursday, February 4

February 3rd.

Sorry I didn't post this yesterday!

Today Eddie and I had a great day! Just dad and I were home, so we did some school, and then we headed outside!
Eddie and I first went out to the track and we did a lap playing with some games in the south and east lines. Then we grazed out by the round pen and spent some nice quality time together. It was SO sunny and he was so sleepy! So after we went back into the track I was watching him (actually I was watching him the whole time we were playing) and I thought, "This horse looks very very rideable!" So we grabbed a few barrels for point to point and I hopped on! We would walk/trot to different barrels and I was doing it with one rein that we hardly even used. I had a savvy string around his neck and just used that for direction. It was so cool! I really like riding with a savvy string instead of a carrot stick. It just seems easier to me and Eddie responds better with it.
Anyway, I sat on him in the sun as he would lick barrels and then we would go to different barrels and lick those. It really blew my socks off that we were able to do that. If I had tried that 2 years - with hardly any play time, and with a month and a half cooped up in a small paddock. He did so well and it's times like these that I really realize that we have come a LONG way.

Once my sister came home from school, we took all the horses for a walk in the track and he was very sleepy still. :) It was fun! We did two laps, grazed the horses under the trees and went back inside. It was a really fun day.
I love you Eddie! And I can't wait to progress with our Level 3 freestyle this summer!!!!

~Lea & Eddie~

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