Tuesday, February 2

New Video!

Here's a video of Eddie and I playing this afternoon. It's been snowing on and off all day, so we went out and played in it! It was very fun!


Sarah said...

AWH! Eddie is so cute! I just love how he's trying to eat the snow...and when he put his nose on that line! His personality is adorable :]

What are is bloodlines? I'm a dork for genetics and pedigrees...and Eddie reminds me quite a bit of my Quarter Horse (Marked With Security, you can look him up on allbreedpedigree.com and see his bloodlines there) so I wouldn't be surprised if they had similar grandsires or something.

Lea and Eddie said...

Thanks Sarah! He is quite a funny little, LBE/I. I love him so much!

His sire is R Big Time Fancy and his registered name is R Big Time Edition. I think R Big Time Fancy is a paint. His dam is... Oh I think it's Sonsational Beauty who is a paint too. Let me grab his papers. hehe, I like looking at who his parents/grandparents are!
His grandsire is Mr Fancy Bonanza and his great grandsire is Mr Supreme Bonanza. On his sire's side I guess. :)
It's so interesting!
His parents are both paints, but he's a breeding stock paint = no markings, except for some spots and a roaning on his belly. :)

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