Tuesday, January 19

Such a Fun Day!

Today was so much fun!
This morning mom, dad, and I all went out to the pasture with the boys (horses) and we grazed for a long time. It was so nice, today was the first sunny day in about a week or more!
So Eddie and I just chilled while we went searching for grass.

I played with Scout after we put Diesel and Eddie back. He was very, very extroverted! But we did some circles, weave (LOTS of weave) and some 'don't cross the line' he was much better! Our 'don't cross the line' went like this: I was walking and he was walking beside me and he would keep going in front of me. So I wiggled the carrot stick directly out to my right and then to my left and he stayed behind once he figured it out. Because my sister has been driving him a lot (from zone 5) that's what caused his sudden peak in LBE-ness. So it turned our nice, little RBI/LBI to an extreme LBE. hehe, it was fun to play with and he is such a sweetie! Once I put him back in a 'partner' state of mind he was quite a gentleman. :)

Then mom and I sorted all the hay for the night and I grabbed the skiis and went for a lap around the property. My legs were very tired! Especially because we don't have any hills. It was fun though.
After lunch, doing some school and watching some more Pearl Harbor (we started it the other day) we went back out and I trimmed Eddie. His feet look SO good now! I really enjoy trimming! Even though my legs were shaking, it was still so rewarding to see his feet almost perfect and know that I trimmed them.

Eddie was very, very sleepy! hehe! So we started with some Spanish Walk and he was so cute... lol! He would just paw once and then once again. It was very cute! He was too sleepy to do much with his feet. Then we did some sideways over barrels and it was so light. I'm really working on my refinement again. Getting lighter and lighter. He had a sudden burst of energy, so we went to circles and he did two - walk - close range circles, then I asked him to trot. He trotted two circles each way, then we did a change of direction and he did one the other way before he spooked and we went back online for a few minutes. Then we jumped the barrels a few times, did the squeeze game over the barrels and then I hopped on for a few minutes!
We walked around in the round pen for a few minutes and did a couple of laps before we ended at the gate. Then we stopped there. It was a really good play session, and considering he was sleepy, he did really, really good!
I LOVE YOU EDDIE!!!!!!!!! <3

Hopefully it will stay sunny for another day or two!

~Lea & Eddie~

Psalm 31:23-24
Oh, love the LORD, all you His saints!

For the LORD preserves the faithful,
And fully repays the proud person.
Be of good courage,
And He shall strengthen your heart,
All you who hope in the LORD.

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