Saturday, January 16

Let's Go!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our play session today was so much fun!!! Eddie had so much energy and we used it up so well! We went out into the pasture and played with some circling game and going over obstacles while circling. I sent him to the end of the 45 foot line and he did about 4-5 circles of cantering without breaking gait. He didn't want to come in, either! He kept going and going and then he finally came in at the trot. I love him! He soared over the barrels because they were almost covered in snow and in a drift about 3 feet wide. Well he took off early and just FLEW over them! He probably jumped about 7 feet long!!!!
Then we played some touch it and he went all the way to the pedestal from 45 feet away. I was holding the very end of the line! He didn't exactly go directly to it, so I had to do some driving game and it was so light!!! I just looked at his HQ and he moved over and went right up on the pedestal! Yippee!!!!
We went in his paddock afterwards and I sat on him for a little bit. I feel sorry for him, he must be pretty bored and he was quite frisky. But it's easy to handle when you know that God couples major weaknesses with major strengths. :) My strength is Parelli and our on-the-ground savvies and our weakness is riding. He knows exactly how to keep our egos in check!

~Lea & Eddie~

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