Thursday, January 28

Hooray! A Play Session!!

Well today it was freezing out, but we played anyway! I think the high was... 9 degrees! Yahoo! ;)
Eddie and I went out to the track and we went for a lap online. It was so nice, we got to trot back and forth on the south line about a dozen times. He was so happy to be moving! Then I played with zone 5 driving with one rein and we did a little bit of haunches in. He offered it at the trot too! He never ceases to blow my mind. We did some yoyo game after that. I was trotting with him down the line and I would do a really slow trot and so would he, then we would do a HUGE extended trot and he would just fly!!! I really think that this summer we'll be able to do all that, but I'll be riding. I hope and pray that we can - because I think we're both ready.  I'll just keep praying about it though! :)
So we did some cutting game after all that and he was quite hyper! It was fun though. We made our way back to the barn on the other side of the track and he ended there. It was a really fun play time and I'm learning to enjoy every minute we get to play because of this ice.
Here's a picture of my handsome:
And I thought that this picture of our farm is pretty cool. :) You can see the round pen, the pasture, the paddock and the outdoor. Pretty neat, huh?!

Lea & Eddie

John 4:24
God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.

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