Tuesday, December 8


Well the snow has finally gotten here!

There's the radar of what's about to come through. The X is where we are. The last batch of snow has just left. the boys are outside enjoying the fresh air and stretching their limbs.

We love snow! Hopefully we'll get to play today, even if it is snowing. I love playing in the snow. :) I don't know if Eddie does, but I'm sure he'd be happier inside eating hay!

So, since there's not much to talk about on this beautiful, snowy day... I thought I would make up a small list of things Eddie and I are going to play with this winter.

  • Freestyle! Winter seems to be our big freestyle season. So, I'm hoping to do some bridleless riding, and getting him to be softer to my body sygnals.
  • Cantering too. I love to canter in the snow, and he really gets into the groove of, "Let's GO!" It will be really fun to canter around this winter. :)
  • Jumping! My goal is to jump three cavaletties stacked up. Maybe the tube, but definitely not the barrels yet. That's pushing it, for now. We'll get there!
  • Liberty! I'm praying that we can play at Liberty in the pasture successfully before spring. I think we can do it, I just have to cause my idea to become his idea! ;)
  • Finesse - more fluid rein. We're not going too fast into finesse yet. I want to make sure he gets the concept of it.
  • Online - advanced zone 5 driving! playing with haunches in, and shoulder in, because he has a hard time with the latter. half passes and playing with where his body is when he does them.
We did them the other day, and he did great with them!!! We sidepassed from barrel to barrel with one rein and he did great. Yay!!

Winter is here,
Lea & Eddie

Ecclesiastes 3:1
To everything there is a season,
A time for every purpose under heaven.

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