Sunday, December 6

He's Offering like Crazy!

Well I think I have tapped into Eddie's offering bubble. Lately, I've felt like we can do anything, if we take a slow, and steady approach to it.
Today we played in the pasture, and he was amazing! He jumped 2 single barrels in a row, cantered towards me, did some ULTRA light sideways towards and sideways away. But the coolest thing, he jumped two barrels that were back to back. He just FLEW over them. I had never asked him to jump any higher than the barrels laying down, so we just made it l-o-n-g-e-r!  It was so cool!
His cutting game is getting really good too. I jumped back and forth and he keeps his eyes on me, he loves it!
I think we have our quality and distance down for most of the things we're working on. Now we just need to play with speed. His circling game was interesting! He had gotten very LBE on adrenaline from cats running every which way, so I just stood in the middle and let him burn it off. I'm telling you, it doesn't last long!!! But the 5th circle at a canter he went to a walk. He sighed, licked and chewed and just looked at me. "Were we doing something?!" Yes! We were! Can we do two circles each way at the trot, then you can come in? "Sure mom!"
Then everything was fine! He's so awesome. I love him so much!
I hopped on after that and we chased Scout around. It was really funny! While we rode, we played with some suspension rein and our focus. He really follows it now. It's so amazing! This winter, I'm hoping to a) canter a lot and b) try some bridleless things. We've been preparing all fall, so I think we may be ready for it. Like an amazing Parelli student said, "When you are ready, you are ready. Doubt won't then creep in." - Dawn Emmerson.
We'll be ready, when we're ready. :)

P.S. Snow is on the way here!!!!!!!!!! YAY!

~Lea & Eddie~

Mark 3:25
And if a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.

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