Wednesday, November 4

Lookin' Alive in Zone Five

Today Eddie and I played in the pasture! First we did some advanced sideways and he was so sleepy again! Hmm... I wonder why? I really don't know. Oh well, maybe I was boring? So then to liven things up a little we did some point to point from 30+ feet away. Our quality is... impectable! I always use eyes, belly button, leg, rope, stick and it has helped SO much! It was really hard to break my habit of always doing something before he does something, but it has totally changed now. Anyway, I was trying to figure out the sorce of his laziness, but then I thought, "Hey, we all have days when we're sleepy! He does too!" So then we just did some little things from zone 5. We did fast walks and slow walks and some more point to point with the long reins.
Hopefully tomorrow he will be more awake! =-) Well... actually they do say youre horse is your mirror and I have been quite tired lately since we've been doing so much around the farm. Maybe he's just mirroring me? We DID play with that yesterday! lol!
Savvy out!
Oh! There's a new! They updated it! Take a minute to check it out!

~Lea & Eddie~

James 1:2-3
My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials,
knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.

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