Thursday, November 5

Three - Zero - Two



Yup, this is my three-hundred and second blog post! WOW! How time has flown by.

Today was AMAZING!
It was so nice to play with Eddie when my sister and Scout were out. I love having company! Of course there's a time I just want it to be Eddie and I, but I think I was over-processing/analyzing everything when it was just me and him. So I showed my sister how to do zone 5 driving today! Eddie and I warmed up and he was amazing! SO LIGHT! A dance? Some might say so. It was a... barn dance. Not all the way there, but close enough!
We did some sending from zone 5 to different obstacles, jumped some things, (this is without long reins) Oh, and I switched to the 45. I LOVE that thing! I hate the 22 now, give me the long one! lol!
We played with some circling and bullseye too. He SO gets it now! All I have to do is bend my ribs slightly and lower my head and he does! YIPPEE!
Then we went to long reins to show my sister how to do it. He did awesome!!!!! We trotted around, jumped the log, did some slow change of directions circling game and bullseye. Yes, we did the bullseye pattern with long reins! It was so neat! He collected. YIPPEE!!!!!!!!
Here are some pictures:

Then we did the weave with the long reins and he did it beautifully! Yay!!!!

~ Lea & Eddie ~

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