Monday, November 30

Leeeeeean with meeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

Well today it was SUNNY and still cold, but it was SUNNY!!! YIPPEEE!
So... At first Eddie and I went in the pasture and we played with a lot of different things! I really played with my slowness, and having him go before me. I really had that in the back of my mind with the whole session. So we played with some bullseyes, cirlcing (which he did 3 laps at a trot without breaking gait) sideways and we're learning this new, fun thing. He stand on the pedestal, I swing the savvy string over his back and he bring his HQ towards me. I'll have to see if I can get a video of it. It's really cool! I LOVE HIM!
We refined things even more and I asked him to stand with his feet just a little in front of the other. Then I leaned forward - and usually I have to ask him with a phase 2 - but today I just leaned backwards and he leaned back. I leaned forward, and he leaned forward!!! YAY! WOOHOO!
We did a few more circles and we did about 3 or 4 circles over the barrels without him breaking gait. Yippee! We did some weave, falling leaf, and some zone 1/2 iscolations and extreme friendly game in those zones. {Thank you Fran for the advice, he's doing much better!}
To finish things up, we went in the corncrib and I finished trimming him. His back feet are doing swell. I really enjoy doing this, it's definitely something I will keep doing for a long time. Trimming is so fun! I'll get some pictures of his feet up too. =-)

Savvy on!
~Lea & Eddie~

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