Tuesday, December 1

It's December!!!

Well that is definitely not what it looks like outside! It was in the 40's all day and I hardly wore a coat! It was nice outside!!!
This morning my mom, my sister and I put up 2 more rolls of fencing. We're almost completely done!!
Then I played with Eddie in the afternoon! We played online in the pasture and we did some slow things, because he was really sleepy. We leaned back and forth, (got it on video!) played with some driving game from the pedestal. I had him bring his HQ towards me while he stayed up there. Then some advacned porcupine pressure with leading by the forelock! :-D He did pretty good with it!!!
Oh, guess what?! We're starting something really fun. I squatted on the ground, and I tapped his barrel so he would sideways towards me, over me. We're a long way away from it, but I think he gets it. I just have to play with my confidence! :) It's so cool, I couldn't have asked for a better horse. Whenever I get RBI, he goes LBI and takes care of me until I'm settled. Sometimes he doesn't, sometimes he goes LBE, but then we just back up until we're both comfortable and he has things to do! I love you Eddie!!! We bowed a few times and called it quits there..... oh.... but wait!!!!!
As we were going to turn the camera off, he picked it up... He took the lens in his mouth... I tried to grab it.... but he ruined the lens! And we just bought that camera!!!! :-D I actually have it on video, because it was still rolling when he chewed it.... well that's a hidden expense I didn't plan on! But God is good, He will provide. :)

As this month of December begins...
Lea & Eddie

James 4:7
Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

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