Thursday, November 12

Fun, fun, sleepy fun!

Well today was an awesome day! Yesterday Eddie and I didn't play because we were busy all day putting up a fence. But today was awesome!
First I went out to get him and he was so sleepy!! So we went for a walk with everyone and I had Scout at liberty, Diesel followed us and Eddie was online. Scout stayed with us the whole time and Diesel would run up behind us. It was so funny! Then once we did a lap or so, then we went in the outdoor and Eddie and I had some 'chill time.' We got a drink, hung out by the pedestal, then I sat on the jollyball (now THAT was funny!) and I had him do some tiny tasks. I had him pick up his front legs and hold them there without me touching him. It was really cool, because it got him thinking and but we weren't moving! Sometimes you just have to forget about 'going out and playing' and just... go and have fun. It wasn't what I had expected doing for that play session, but it was awesome! I groomed him up, did his feet and he was beautiful! His mane and his tail were all brushes. So pretty!
Then we went in the pasture and did some long reins and went for a few more laps on the track. His sidepasses are getting great! We did some at the walk and he was really lickin and chewin!
After that I grabbed some finesse reins, a helmet and hopped on! We did the weave, bullseye and point to point patterns. It was fun! =-) We even chased Diesel a little bit too, but, shh! don't tell! lol!
After that we did some bowing!!! We haven't done it for a few weeks, so I wasn't expecting much. But he did them the best he's ever done them!!
Here's a video of us doing it!

~Lea & Eddie~


Lauren, Sonny, and Toby said...

Sounds Great! Putting up fence isn't the greatest ;)! I learned that first hand. I know what you mean by just going out and having fun! That is a very hard concept for some people. The bowing looks SMASHING/CAPITAL/AWESOME!!!!! I am into the English terms... lol! I am definitely AMERICAN btw!

~Lauren, Sonny, and Toby

Lauren, Sonny, and Toby said...

Lea you won the name contest! Stop by my blog to check out what you need to do to claim your prize!

~Lauren, Sonny, and "Dorran Tobias"

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