Thursday, October 15

Rain, rain, go away!!!

Since I last posted I think we had one day when it did not rain. Other than that, it's been raining a TON.
So I got to play with Eddie twice since I last blogged. We played at liberty on Monday and he did awesome! He did super spins and we trailer loaded after we were done at liberty. He's doing so well with it!
Then yesterday I played with him out in the pasture. But first we went for a walk around the track from zone 5. We trotted down the east end and I asked him to canter, but he didn't want to, so we just trotted to the pasture gate. But we played with collected trotting (stick to me) and extended trotting. He loved it! He gets his head all low and stretches. It's so cool to watch!
Then we went to long reins with the 45 and trotted around the pasture, did some sideways at the trot, shoulder in, straddled a tube, pushed a barrel, sideways-ed towards and yoyo with transitions all from zone 5. It was so fun!!! Then we went straight from the pasture with the long reins, out the gate, to the trailer and loaded from zone 5!!! YIPPEE!!!! He loves the trailer now. He basically hopped right in. HOORAY!!!!!

My lesson with Gretchen has been moved to this coming Tuesday so I'm hoping that Eddie and I can do our Level 3/4 online this weekend. I'll let you know when I have it up! =-D
Savvy on!

~Lea & Eddie~


Randa said...

COOL =-) Is that Gretchen Thompson that you're having a lesson with? She's the one that helped Brizzee and I in 2008! :-) She is supper nice / sweet. Have fun! And congratulations on Eddie loving the trailer! That's what Brizzee and I will be playing with today or this weekend...

Lea and Eddie said...

No, it's a new 1* instructor, Gretchen Arndt. She's very nice!!
Cool! I'm sure you guys will do great! =-D

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