Friday, September 11

Two are Better than One

Today I played with Eddie and Scout together online! It was so much fun! First we went for two laps around the track together, then we went in the pasture and did all seven games, stood on the pedestal together (both of them) and did the weave pattern! They both did so well! It was amazing, because Eddie knew exactly what I wanted, so he would just give Scout a nip like, "You're supposed to go that way!" I love having an extra hand out there that speaks horse! Golly, he is a horse! He has truly become a part of me. =-)  So we did all the purpose games, yoyo, sideways, circling and squeeze and they both did awesome. Oh goodness, do you know what would be fun??? To do zone 5 driving with both of them! Hehe, I might just do that sometime, I'll keep you updated. ;-)
Oh yes! I also trimmed all of Diesel's feet, now they look so good! The new hoof growth on the upper 1/2 of it it amazing. It's so cool to see what good nutrition and good hoof care can do. His stress rings have almost grown out from when he came!
His little tootsies! hehe! Very muddy!
Well, till tomorrow! It's SATURDAY!!!!
~Lea & Eddie~
Isaiah 43:2
When you pass through the waters, I will be
      And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you.
      When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned,
      Nor shall the flame scorch you. with you;


Lauren, Sonny, and Red said...

Fun! I tried that with Red and Sonny once and about got my arm take off! lol! That would be sooooo awesome! You would need to make a vid of it though :P! His hooves are adorable like the rest of him ;-)!

Lea and Eddie said...

Yeah, it takes a lot of practice! It's a good thing Eddie knows what I want! =-D
hehe I did! It was from a while ago though, here's the link!

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