Monday, September 14

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I totally forgot!!!!!!!!!!!
September 6th. was my 1 year anniversary with my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've posted... 264 times and this makes it 265.
Well from that day we've come so far. I passed Level 1 and Level 2 and went from playing in Level 2 solidly to mostly in Level 4, some in Level 3. I cannot thank God enough for putting such an amazing horse in my life. Thank you Eddie for always being there for me and teaching me so much. Thank you mom for always supporting me and taking me to Celebrations/Clinics and Parelli outings. You've always given me the encouragement to keep going and pursue my dream. Thank you Allison and Dad for always listening whenever I want to rattle off the 45 Parelli P's, or test my knowledge of the seven games. Whether you were being my 'horse' or just watching DvD's with me, you both have always been there. Also to my amazing friends. Keri, I cannot express what an amazing friend you are. Without you I couldn't have passed my Level 2 Freestyle and you are always there to talk to. I love you like a sister! Thank you Hannah for being such an amazing inspiration and for always encouraging me when I'm down. You're humble attitude and giving spirit is one that we can all model ourselves after. And thank you to all my friends for encouragement and support. Thank you readers for listening to my ramblings. =-)

I can't believe it's been over a year with this blog.
ALSO I wanted to say a hearty HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Keri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!


Hannah Willis said...

it's Keri's Birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY KERI!!!!

and Thanks so much!
My dad always taught me to be humble and to help others :)

You're an inspiration to everyone.You're not only an amazing Horsewomen But an amazing Friend :)

Lea and Eddie said...

=-) I really hope that you and Blaze can go to the Celebration, that would be amazing, I'm sure you'd remind Pat of Emily.

Thank you so much, you're an amazing friend too!

Country girl said...

Thanks Hannah!!

Lea, I couldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for you!! I are amazing Lea!!


Lea and Eddie said...

Same here, you are such a wonderful savvy sister!

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