Saturday, September 19

Tag! You're It! ~~~ What do you want to do with your life?

By Lauren Mitchell:
What do YOU want to do with your life?
Make a post telling your readers what you are going to do to change the world, why you are doing it, and how are you going to do it. God has a purpose for EVERYONE be it to be a parent, a missionary, or to just show your faith on your sleeve!?! I the maker of this tag feel God is calling me at 13 years of age to help my fellow teens! When I grow up I want to take in unwanted teenagers and rescue horses/3 strike mustangs. God has placed a desire in my heart and I feel led to do this. The big thing is not one person has told me this isn't possible because with God EVERYTHING is possible! Right now I am working on wearing my faith on my sleeve and showing the world that 1 person CAN make a difference! Even a 13 year old named Lauren Mitchell! Lets show the world how serious we are and that being a Christian is AMAZING! Here is the link to the blog~
Take a look at it! Now pass it on! 

1. Post the paragraph that I, Lauren Mitchell, wrote
2. Post the paragraph of what you are going to do to change the world, why, and how you're doing it
3. Post these rules
4. Post the blog link
5. Put the button and awards I made on your blog
6. Tag at LEAST 2 people
7. Contact the people you tagged one way or the other

So, as a response to this tag... What do I want to do with my life? How am I going to make a difference?
I feel like God is calling me to be the best horsewoman I can be, and show His grace and His mercy to others. My song that describes what I'm trying to do is, Revolutionaries by Bethany Dillon. It's about how some people take the 'normal' easy way to get to the finish line. Usually it's not the right way. But if you take the narrow road, the road Jesus calls us down, we will be revolutionaries. So, I pray that by going down the narrow road, I will become a revolutionary in the horse world and change the world for horses - the right way. I see a few of my peers going to the same finish line, but they are are going down the normal road. Here is an exerpt from the song:
"They shake their heads
As they drive away in the bandwagon
Didn’t feel like hitching a ride
Oh, but I’ll be fine"

I know I'll have my family & friends by my side and they are going down the same road. It's not necessarily the hard/narrow road - it gets wider as you go as people walk by your side. =-)

Why am I going to do it?Because it's my gift.
What am I going to do with it? Take in rescue horses, start colts, take my relationship with Eddie to an amazing level (this is where I want to go with him - and teach others how to do the same. =-)

Savvy out!

~Lea & Eddie~

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