Thursday, September 17

Hey, what do you know? Plans work!

Remember? Yesterday I said I was going to play with long line driving this fall with Eddie? Well today we started! Yippee! Oh, real quick, Eddie and I have played with is before, but it's been on and off a lot. We were probably at a Level 3 standard for zone 5 driving. But lately I've just been (and I'm sure he was) bored with Level 3. Sooooooo, we're diving into Level 4! YIPPEE!!!
Today we did a lot of trotting from zone 5 just all around the pasture. We straddled the log, barrels, did the weave at a realllyyyy slowwww wallkkk...... He was so funny!
I was also using two 22 foot lines. I don't think I'll do that anymore. It was pretty heavy on his nosey. So time for the 45. *runs away and hides*  Actually it's not that bad. I'm pretty used to it. It's just going to take some caution so I don't get tangled. So it's a good thing he's a slloowww LBI. ;-) haha! I also rode, I'll tell ya about that later!
Well gtg for dinner! Off to Crissie's to see Jiggles!

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Lauren, Sonny, and Red said...

YAY! I understand when your horse gets bored ;P! Sonny is ALWAYS BORED!!!!! Red on the other hand needs repetition after repetition after repetition! AGH! I'm of the type that gets bored easily too... FUN! I tried Z5 driving and well it went HORRIBLY!!!! Sounds like fun! Hope you have fun!

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