Saturday, October 11

It's hot! =-( Yuck...

Well my stupid computer just deleted my post. So now I have to type it all over again! Grr... and it was long too! =-(
Ok, lets see if I can remember anything I just said...........

Today's dad's birthday. Happy birthday dad!
It's really hot today, so all we did was groom the ponies and play with their feet. Picking them up, putting them between our legs.
Yesterday a photographer that my mom knows came out to take pictures of my sister for her senior pictures. She ended up taking over 300! I was playing with Eddie and she took a lot of nice pictures of us playing and riding. I can't wait to get them so I can put them on the forum and on here.
I can't wait for winter! It's so hot right now! With winter comes cantering! Yay! And trail riding. Yes!

Well I think that's all I said... TTYL!

Learning to savvy savvy,
Lea & Eddie

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