Sunday, October 12

I gotta shake those hands....

Hands with opportunity! Our whole family went to Flannery Farm in Garden Prairie to watch a Parelli play day. There were a lot of cool toys there, which gave me a long list of things to build! We're going to be busy! Mr and Mrs. Boso were there and Chrissy boards Jiggs there so we saw them.
But before we went my sister and I rode. Eddie did so well! I was so fluid with him when we trotted. Now I want to start cantering! =-D hehe! We rode in the pasture and had tons and tons of fun!
Then I played with Eddie in the dry lot. He was cranky and a huge LBI. So, I had watched all of Level 3 before so I was super savvy to handle it. I played the stick to me, and don't show me your hindquarters. We did yoyo, sideways, circling and squeeze all at liberty. Ok, at first he was blah blah blah... then once I was done playing with him all he wanted to do was stick next to me. He didn't want to leave! It felt so good. We've come so far!

Total Savvy,
Lea & Eddie

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