Friday, October 10

Moving, Moving, Moving!

Eddie seemed so hyper this morning! I haltered him and I finally got it on hims after he kept trying to chew it. So then we did transitions, canter, trot over the tarp, over the cavaleties, change of direction, lots of disengaging and engaging. Falling leaf, you know! Then we walked the pasture rail (online) and then we finally went inside so i could groom him. It was a really really good play time. He did awesome!

Wouldn't it be cool if they had a Midwest center? Mike (our trimmer) told us that they were thinking of buying Lamplight! It's a huge hunter jumper barn. I really hope that if they were thought it was worth buying they would make a center around here. South Wisconsin, or Northern IL, or anywhere in the Midwest! I wonder if the celebrations this year are a test to see which part of the country has the most attendants and students. An even better reason to get a lot of people to come! I can't wait for the future Parelli might have!

Lea & Eddie

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