Wednesday, September 24

Yesterday and Today: dreams, goals, and not so savvy...

Yesterday was awesome! Mr. Boso came out to trim the horses' feet. They are so pretty! My sister and I are going to help out at the upcoming clinic, which will be so much fun! I really figured out what I want to do. Go for it. Go all the way for my Parelli dream. What have I got to lose? My parents are supportive, my sister knows I have a gift, now all I have to do is put it into action. Shine.
Saying that our play session today was much different. 'Deal with the horse that shows up.' Linda says. Well I forgot to. I noticed it now, and today when I play with him later, it's going to be different. My sister and I (doing a lot of those aren't I?) worked on Eddie feet. (because he wasn't too accepting with his front feet) We did a hard yoyo when he would fight the pressure. "Oh, ok. I guess I'd rather stand here and have my foot held up then do a bunch of backing." I could see his brain a thinkin'. When I played with him in the outdoor he wasn't too bad. Just LBI. Which is not bad, just interesting. So I had too many tasks, do this Eddie. No not like that! Like this! Not too open minded huh? "Why should I?" he'd ask me, and all I'd do for a reply was "Just do it!" So I realized it. Now I'm going to fix it. Today. Later today. I'm going to watch something in Level 2. Be inspired by it, and go and do what I want, and what he needs. That brings to mind, what does Eddie really need? He needs leadership. He's a LBI, so he doesn't need it, but he wants it. I will be the leader. "A benevolent dictator." as Linda also says. Think like a horse. Be precise, but don't be critical. What does the LBI need? FOOD! JK! Fun, they need fun. Don't like moving much (circling = boring) but falling leaf = =-D happy!
So, thanks for letting me vent. Hey, like you have a choice, you're a computer.... Well I better go eat lunch. How about some humble pie?

Lea & Eddie

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